Laboratory Medicine


The Division oversees many research projects. The main ones are:

Evaluation of the prognostic and predictive value of the tumoral cells in breast cancer patients at different stages

The role of different HPV high risk genotypes in the developing of pre-malignant lesions and in the follow up of patients that underwent Cervical conization

Study of different HPV genotypes and their variations in time among HPV vaccinated teenagers in trying to prevent cervical canc

Early identification of patients at high risk to develop post chemotherapy cardio toxicity through the  dosage of the circulating biomarkers.

Evaluation of the newly discovered tumoral markers in circulation both for diagnosis and triage in patients with suspicious lesions. 

Our Activities

The Division of Laboratory Medicine encompasses the fields of hematology, biochemistry, coagulation, tumor markers, infectious disease serology, drug monitoring and microbiology; it carries out examinations both for hospitalized patients and out patients.

The Blood Drawing Center is located in IEO Building 2, ground floor.
Its services are open from Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 12 am for all patients starting from age 11. All patients must have a NHS medical receipt (if they want to be covered by the National Health System) or with a written indication from his doctor or specialist.

In collaboration with the Unit of Preventive Gynecology the Division has activated a new diagnostic service for cervical tumors at the use of all doctors for the prevention and monitoring of such tumors.

All our examinations are performed by our highly qualified experts and always up to date.
The results of the exams are ready right away for our specialists, who can access them thanks to an internal software.
The laboratory has obtained and keeps on having confirmed the ISO 9001/2008 certification.



  • Our staff

    Laboratory Medicine


    Rita Passerini

  • graduated residents

    Our graduated residents (biologists) are an integral part of the staff:


    Rita Passerini (Senior Deputy-Director)

    Laura Zorzino (Senior Deputy-Director)

    Michela Salvatici (Senior Assistant

    Paola Lentati (Assistant)

    Cristina Cassatella (Assistant)

    Fabio Bottari (Assistant)

    Cristian Mauro (Fellow)

    Donatella Gritti (Assistant- Transfusional Service)

    Annalisa Cattaneo  (Assistant - Transfusional Service)

    Giovanna Randine (Assistant-  Transfusional Service).



  • Clinical Trials


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