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PhD Programs


Three PhD Courses are offered via the European Institute of Oncology. All lectures are held in English by Faculty members of the University of Milan, or by high profile scientists working in the host institution. SEMM also invites leading international experts to hold a variety of courses.



  • Molecular Oncology

    This program trains researchers in Molecular Medicine and in Post-Genomics, focusing particularly on Molecular Oncology. Students can opt for basic or applied research projects. Research projects are available in a wide range of fields, such as the Molecular Genetics of Cancer, Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy, Proteomics, Epigenetics, Angiogenesis, Structural Biology, Stem Cells and Cancer Stem cells. Students are also given the opportunity to attend training courses on emerging disciplines, such as structural biology, bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics, drug discovery and they can develop complementary skills through courses on how to give oral and poster presentations, and scientific writing. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]

  • Computational Biology

    Computational Biology is one of the critical bottlenecks in current biomedical research. Our understanding of physiological biological functions and disease depends today on large-scale screening studies, such as those examining the genetic, functional, genomic or proteomic profiles of cells. Such approaches generate enormous amounts of data that need to be interpreted by trained professionals who have acquired a unique knowledge-base in specialized areas of Biology, Medicine, Mathematics, Statistics and Information Technology. Indeed, the PhD program in Computational Biology holds lectures in fields such as Systems biology, Bioinformatics, Network Biology, Evolutionary Biology and Cancer Biology. Complementary skills are also honed through courses on how to give oral and poster presentations, and scientific writing. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]

  • Foundations & Ethics of the Life Sciences

    Our rapidly evolving understanding of the molecular bases of disease is dramatically affecting our perception of illness, diagnosis and therapy. These changes compel us to develop new philosophical, ethical and sociological approaches to analyze and understand the problems that come with new biological insights. A broader understanding of the implications of new knowledge should help those involved in patient care to guide choices that will improve the quality of life for patients in the short and long term. For this, we need to train a new class of professionals to understand the positions of scientific researchers, clinical practitioners, and of patients. These experts require training in biomedicine, philosophy and sociology for their future work in interprofessional and international environments. The aim of our program is to train experts in biomedical and clinical medical humanities. The principal areas of study are in the Philosophy of Biomedical Research and Medicine, and in their Ethical and Societal Implications. The program includes a mandatory period of hands-on training in a Research Laboratory or in a Clinical Department. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]



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