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IEO Second Opinion is a service available for all the people who would like to confirm that the diagnosis and treatment plan recommended by other physicians are the best options. Obtaining an IEO Second Opinion can be a very rewarding part of your decision on your clinical path, without requiring you to invest time or money in visiting our institution in person.



  • The European Institute of Oncology has more than 20 years of experience in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer.
  • IEO offers the best clinical practices available in cancer prevention and treatment.
  • The IEO Second Opinion medical board is made up of some of our best, world-renowned  physicians. 
  • We offer a unique personalised service designed to ensure that your requests will be handled by a dedicated team.
  • We assure you a response within 3-5 working days of your request.
  • Our physicians will work closely with you to provide tailored recommendations based on a multidisciplinary approach, by defining treatment plans and other options for each and every case individually


Roberto Orecchia

Board Chairman




Roberto Orecchia                 


Aron Goldhirsch

Breast Oncology

Marco Angelo Colleoni
Virgilio Sacchini 

Breast Oncology
Breast Surgery

Paolo Veronesi

Breast Surgery

Viviana Galimberti

Mattia Intra

Breast Surgery

Breast Cancer Day Surgery 

Mario Rietjens

Plastic Surgery

Lorenzo Spaggiari

Lung Surgery

Filippo De Marinis

Lung Oncology

Ottavio De Cobelli

Prostate Surgery, Urology

Franco Nolè

Nicola Fazio

Urologic Oncology

Gastrointestinal and Neuroendocrine

Corrado Tarella


Giuseppe Viale


Stefano Pileri


Giuseppe Curigliano

Clinical Trials

Nicoletta Colombo

Gynecologic Oncology

Angelo Maggioni

Gynecologic Surgery

Massimo Bellomi

Franco Orsi


Interventional Radiology

Enrico Cassano

Breast Imaging

Chiara Grana

Radiometabolic Therapy



Mohssen Ansarin

Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

Pierfrancesco Ferrucci

Melanoma Oncology

Elisabetta Pennacchioli

Tommaso De Pas

Sarcoma Surgery 

Sarcoma and Rare Tumors Oncology

Bernardo Bonanni

Cristiano Crosta

Prevention and Genetics


Gabriella Pravettoni

Vittorio Andrea  Guardamagna                Giuseppe Spinoglio

Agnese Cecconi

Nicoletta Tradati


 Pain Therapy

Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic and Digestive Program

 Triage Second Opinion

Triage Second Opinion 

Step 1

Initial Contact: An assistant from IEO Second Opinion will be happy to assist you personally and give you a more detailed explanation of our service.



Step 2

Complete the forms and attach the required documents:

You will be requested to download and complete the following forms: 


General Information
Service Request Form
Patient Disclaimer
Authorization for the release of the IEO Second Opinion
Medical History Questionnaire
Confidentiality and Data Protection 




The following documents are required to complete your request: 


  • An identity document (ID or Passport) of the patient 
  • Clinical records in English or in Italian as described in the form. The IEO Second Opinion consultation will be based on the information sent, so it is essential that the documents are accurate and as up-to-date as possible.
  • A cover letter from your doctor is a requirement. The letter must contain the following information: diagnosis, stage, non-oncological history, detailed oncological history, therapies in progress, home medication, active problems and clinical questions. 


If the applicant is  NOT the patient:

  • An identity document (ID or Passport) of the person requesting the IEO Second Opinion on behalf of the patient
  • Proof of the authority of the authorised person to act on behalf of the patient as:
  1. Holder of the documentation, adult or minor
  2. Parent of child with parental authority (family)
  3. Entity/individual acting as ward (providing proof)
  4. Beneficiary (equipped with a deed of notary public or certificate replacing the deed, issued by the municipality).


Step 3

You can pay for your IEO Second Opinion by Bank transfer using the following bank details:


Banca: Unicredit Corporate Banking
IBAN:  IT04Q0200809432000500057120
A: Istituto Europeo di Oncologia S.r.l.
Via G. Ripamonti 435
20141 Milano


Reason: Name of the patient/ IEO Second Opinion



Step 4

Submit your request by:

  • Email
  • Mail to the following address:


IEO Second Opinion

Via Ripamonti, 435 (Building 1)

20141 Milan




Important: If we receive additional medical records and/or questions after the physician has concluded the IEO second opinion, a new IEO second opinion must be required.  

The cost of the IEO Second Opinion is €500.


The IEO Second Opinion cost also includes the imaging consultation related to the last diagnostic examination undergone by the patient.


  • If a pathological consultation is required to complete your IEO Second Opinion, there will be an additional charge of €232.00.
  • If an imaging consultation is required to complete your IEO Second Opinion there will be an additional charge of €189,00.
  • If an in-depth consultation with another physician will be required to complete your IEO Second Opinion there will be an additional charge of €200,00.
  • If a multidisciplinary consultation is required to complete your IEO Second Opinion there will be an additional charge of €350,00.

In the event of requesting a IEO Second Opinion after already taken adavntage of the service it is possible to request an update of the previuos consult sending all the up-tp-date clinical documentation to the address

If, after a first review, the case will again be assigned to the same physician that dealt with the first IEO Second Opinion then the amount to be paid will be 350 euro. 

If the new clinical documentation implies a change of the physician assigned to the case then the request will be treated as a completly new one and the cost will be 500 euro. 




Currently the only method of payment before the IEO Second Opinion can be provided is via Bank transfer.



Bank: Unicredit Corporate Banking
IBAN:  IT04Q0200809432000500057120
To: Istituto Europeo di Oncologia S.r.l.
Via G. Ripamonti 435
20141 Milan

  • Please notice that:
  • Upon completion of the IEO Second Opinion, the patient’s case will be closed. If the patient would like to receive any further assistance or practical information, the request will be forwarded to International Patient Office.
  • The medical report will be provided by post only on the patients request, in which case an additional fee of €18.00 will be charged.


The IEO Second Opinion is designed to ensure that a dedicated team will handle your request.

A personal from the IEO Second Opinion will be happy to give you all information and support that you need.



  • Send an email 
  • Call:+39 02 5748 9650 (Monday-Friday, from 10:30 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 17:00)
  • Mailing Address:



Via Ripamonti, 435 - 20141 Milano



Office Location

IEO Second Opinion

Via Ripamonti, 435 (Building 1)

20141 Milan




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