International Office

The IEO aims to become an international point of reference in the fight against cancer. For this reason, IEO International Office was set up in September 2013.

We welcome patients from all over the world, from the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, South America, Saudi Arabia, and the Russian Federation. The IEO International Office is fully dedicated to providing a tailored welcome and a comfortable hospital stay, by meeting all individual needs. The IEO is committed to offer customized care for all patients and pay attention to their medical needs, language expectations, cultural and religious aspects.

"I'm very proud of the fact that in just a few years the engagement of all the people working at IEO has enabled our care and research model to become a landmark for oncology all over the world."

Umberto Veronesi

The main services offered by IEO International Office are:

  • Pre-arrival assistance (clinical pathway schedule, invitation letter for Visa issue, travel and accommodation organization, …)
  • Cultural Mediation Service by phone available 24h and 7/7
  • Liaison between the patient and hospital staff before, during and after the hospitalization

The IEO International Office, thanks to the collaboration with different partners, may also organize other services on demand, such as:

  • Transfer from/to Milan airports
  • Interpreter/Cultural Mediator in person
  • Leisure time activities
  • Religious and spiritual support

IEO Hospitalization

Patients will be informed about every step of their diagnosis and treatment by their IEO referring physician. Patients are requested to bring all their clinical documentation, translated into Italian or English. In the meantime, all medical reports written by IEO physicians will be both in Italian and English. Before the hospitalization a video containing all the information related to the stay at the IEO will be sent to patients, in order to give them all details related to the clinical and administrative pathway.

IEO Continuity of Care

At discharge, IEO physicians will discuss with the patient the possibility of continuing care in their country of origin with special attention to regular check-up and follow-up programs. The IEO International Office is completely committed to assist the patient, even at a distance, for any further needs.


The International Office Staff

One of the strength points of IEO International Office is a dedicated Clinical Staff. Our physicians analyze the clinical documentation sent by our International Patients to define the best clinical pathway together with the IEO physicians with the best competencies to manage the clinical case.

Moreover, our Patients Managers are fully dedicated to international patients, according with their culture and language.


Agnese Cecconi

Referring Physician for International Patients

Nickolas Peradze

Referring Physician for Russian-Speaking Patients

Rabab Ahmed

Arabic-Speaking Patients Manager

Inna Zhukova

Russian-Speaking Patients Manager


Contact Us

The IEO International Office is fully dedicated to providing a tailored welcome and hospital stay to meet individual requirements of each patient.
An assistant from the IEO International Office will be glad to give you all information needed and personally assist you.


  • IEO International Office

    Monday-Friday, from 10:00am to 05:00pm CEST Time
  • Russian-speaking patients

    Русскоязычные пациенты

    Пон.-Пят., с 10:00 до 17:00
  • Arabic-Speaking patients

    المتخصصة بالمرض المتحدثين باللغة العربية

    من الإثنين الى الجمعة من الساعة ‍10 صباحأ الى الساعة 17 مساءأ متواصل


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