IEO Check Up

IEO Check Up is a cancer and a cardiovascular check-up program, which is unique in Italy.


IEO Check-Up is a personalised programme for prevention and diagnosis, customised by age and sex and coordinated by an expert interdisciplinary team.


IEO Check Up provides a high quality service and customizes the program of the patient who can make use of fully dedicated services and areas.


Program IEO check up is based on the latest scientific evidence drawn from the European Code Against Cancer and the Guidelines of the American Heart Association, with the aim of protecting people against the major risk factors for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.




  • Why IEO check up is the right choice?








    IEO Check-Up provides the patient with all the best IEO clinical skills with a coordinated approach. It is guided by accurate references focused on the medical evaluation of the patient’s health status and can provide useful information on prevention, lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity.







    IEO Check-Up is a specific product designed to bring together the variety of clinical skills and expertise present at the Institute. It draws upon the multiplicity of experiences in the field of prevention and unites the different areas in the fight against cancer (laboratory research, clinical research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment). In addition, a quality service is offered to the patient, who can make use of completely dedicated areas, such as modern lounge with Wi-Fi, a refreshment service and a reserved car park.



  • The Program

    Distinct Programmes for Distinct Needs


    Today it is possible to implement selective prevention strategies, creating made to measure oncology check-ups, personalised in terms of age and sex, and based on personal and family history.

    IEO Check-Up has been designed not as a generic product, but one which is powerfully oriented towards assessment and the possible early detection of the most frequent diseases (oncological and cardiovascular).


    Throughout the clinical care process, specialist examinations are carried out (Gynaecology, Urology, Dermatology etc.), diagnostic procedures (Abdominal-Pelvic Ultrasound, Spiral CT, Mammography) and laboratory tests (haematochemical examinations, pap tests) All the examinations are carried out by our IEO specialists drawing upon their professionalism, expertise, and state-of-the-art technology.


    The IEO Check-Up pathway concludes with a closing examination with the coordinating doctor, a cardio-oncology specialist, during which the results of the examinations carried out will be evaluated so as to assess the state of health of the patient and establish the subsequent steps towards sound prevention.


  • Information and Booking

    Telephone: +39 -02 5748.9730 (Monday-Friday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm)

    Required Documents

    • Identity Card.
    • If the patient has had any serious disease in the past, the IEO Check-Up doctors would ask him/her to send in advance by fax or e-mail, the relevant medical documentation so that the service can be personalised (X-rays, CT scans, blood tests etc).





    Exit Visit

    Before 3.30pm, at the end of the clinical care procedures, the doctor will meet the patient for the concluding “Exit Visit”. Here, the results will be examined and a personalized timetable of future check-ups will be established.

    Delivery of clinical documentation

    The complete documentation will be available at the IEO (in 48 hours), or if so requested, will be sent by courier.


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