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Logo Second Opinion  is a service aiming at providing further guidance on the patient’s diagnosis or treatment path. Obtaining an IEO Second Opinion can be a very rewarding part of your decision on your clinical path, without requiring you to invest time or money in visiting our institution in person.


The IEO Second Opinion service was created with the aim of providing a remote consultation to patients who want to have a second opinion on their treatment or diagnosis. Based on the clinical documentation sent by the patient, the multidisciplinary team dedicated to the IEO Second Opinion service will perform a complete evaluation of the clinical case to recommend, possibly, the best alternative of care to the patient.


The IEO Second Opinion service offers the following types of advice in the oncological field:

  • Surgical 
  • Oncological 
  • Cardio- oncological 
  • Radiotherapy

It is possible to indicate the consultation needed downloading the form in the section REQUEST THE IEO SECOND OPINION.




  • The European Institute of Oncology has more than 20 years of experience in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.
  • The IEO offers the best available clinical practices in prevention and treatment of tumors.
  • Dedicated service physicians will provide clinical guidance based on a multidisciplinary approach.
  • IEO Second Opinion is a unique and personalized service that focuses on the specific characteristics of the patient

The answer is guaranteed within 5 working days from the request and in any case after obtaining all the complete clinical documentation.




The IEO Second Opinion clinical case will be entrusted to the IEO specialist with the best skills to manage it, after evaluation by the doctors dealing with Triage.

Moreover, a patient manager will remotely support you with your Second Opinion request.





Step 1: Starting point
Prepare all the clinical documentation, officially translated into English or Italian, describing the history of treatments performed from the onset of the disease to the current state of health.  The Second Opinion Service is based on the information sent, so it is essential that the documents are accurate and updated as much as possible.
Important: In the case of complex medical history, it is essential to receive an accompanying letter from your referring doctor. The letter should contain the following information: diagnosis and stage of the disease, non-oncological history, detailed oncological history, history of treatments performed, ongoing therapies, home medications, active problems and the clinical question for the IEO Second Opinion service.

Step 2: Forms and Attachments
You will be required to download and fill in the following forms:

The following documents are required to complete your request: 


  • An identity document (ID or Passport) of the patient 


IMPORTANT: If the applicant is  NOT the patient:

  • An identity document (ID or Passport) of the person requesting the IEO Second Opinion on behalf of the patient
  • Proof of the authority of the authorised person to act on behalf of the patient as:
  1. Holder of the documentation, adult or minor
  2. Parent of child with parental authority (family)
  3. Entity/individual acting as ward (providing proof)

Step 3: Sending the Request
Clinical and administrative documentation (forms with patient ID) can be sent by e-mail to the following address [email protected]

Step 4:  Payment
Once the IEO case manager have seen the clinical documentation, we will contact you within two working days by e-mail to confirm the completeness and correctness of the documents and allow you to proceed with the payment of the IEO Second Opinion Service by bank transfer.The information to make the transfer will be indicated in the E-mail.

Step 5:  Reporting
Upon receipt of the payment, the request of IEO Second Opinion will be entrusted to the specialist who will release the medical report within 5 working days.
Important: for further questions following the submission of the report, it is necessary to request an additional IEO Second Opinion.

IEO Second Opinion Service
The cost of IEO Second Opinion is € 500.00.
In the event that the physician who is entrusted with your IEO Second Opinion deems it necessary, further in-depth consultations may be required, the costs of which are indicated below:

  • Slide review - additional cost: € 232,00
  • Evaluation consultation on diagnostic images - additional cost: € 189,00
  • In-depth consultation- additional cost: € 200.00
  • Multidisciplinary consultation - additional cost: € 350,00


In these cases, before proceeding, you will be contacted for your approval.

IEO Second Opinion Update

If you have previously used the IEO Second Opinion service, you can request an update of the consultation by sending the updated clinical documentation to [email protected].

If the clinical opinion is the sole responsibility of the same doctor who issued the report of the first IEO Second Opinion, the request for update will be accepted at a cost of € 350.00, if made within 12 months of the request of the previous opinion. 

If the case is assigned to another doctor, the cost of the service of IEO Second Opinon will be € 500.00. 


The IEO Second Opinion is designed to ensure that a dedicated team will handle your request.

A personal from the IEO Second Opinion will be happy to give you all information and support that you need.

  • Send an Email
  • Call:+39 02 5748 9650 (Monday-Friday, from 10:30 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 17:00)
  • Mailing Address: Via Ripamonti 435 - 20141 Milano, Italy

Via Ripamonti 435, 20141 Milan - Italy


IEO Second Opinion Service

1- When do I need to make the bank transfer?
After sending the clinical and administrative documentation (by email or courier), the staff of the IEO Second Opinion service will contact you to provide the bank details in order to pay for the service.

2- What kind of clinical documentation send?

It is essential that the documentation is accurate and complete, accompanied by a report written by the patient’s referring doctor, detailing the history of treatments and the patient’s medical history.

3- What kind of advice is available?

It is possible to request a surgical, oncological cardio-oncological and radiotherapy consultation, indicating the type of consultation required in the IEO Second Opinion Request form

4- Following the IEO Second Opinion service, how can you access treatment at IEO?

Following a IEO Second Opinion consultation and the proposal of medical treatment, the patient can be inserted into the IEO treatment path. The staff of the IEO Second Opinion will forward the patient’s request to the secretariat of the IEO doctor who issued the consultation.

5- When can I talk to IEO staff?

In case of need, the IEO Second Opinion staff will contact the patient by phone or e-mail at the addresses provided in the forms.













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