Medical and Surgical Resources


The Surgical Resources Area (SRA) includes the Anesthesics and Intensive Care Division, Operating Theatre, Day Surgery and Outpatients Surgery, and are homogenous in their managerial approach. The activities carried out by this area is crucial to the excellence of the Institute: in 2013, around 17,000 operations were carried out (8,500 of which were in ordinary admission, 4,000 in Day Surgery and 4,500 in Outpatients Department).  


The Coodinator promotes and stimulates initiatives among those who, at different levels, both directly and indirectly, contribute to the area with their activities. In particular, the Coordinator’s role includes:

  1. Monitoring the programming and realization of surgical activities
  2. Identifying any structural, organizational and managerial challenges
  3. Projection and solutions to the highlighted challenges.

In order to reach these objectives, the Coordiantor must work closely with the Directors of the Operating Theatre and Day Surgery, and collaborate with a multidisciplinary team which includes: Health Statistics service, risk management and nurses from the Health Direction, the planning service which responds to the Human Resources Department, the Management Control of the Administrative Direction, Information Services, Directors of the Surgical Departments and the Scientific Direction. 

Medical Resources


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