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According to Article 13 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Legislative Decree no. 196/03), we inform you that personal and sensitive data relating to you and that you provide by filling in the computerized form of the e-CUP service, are acquired for purposes related to the computerized reservation of specialist consultations or outpatient service, and will not be subject to unauthorized communication. In particular, data regarding your telephone number and e-mail address (e-mail) are required in order to confirm your reservation request, to send a reminder of the reservation or, more generally, to be able to contact you if necessary. The holder of processing is the Istituto Europeo di Oncologia, headquartered in Milan, Via Filodrammatici 10, zip code 20121; the data will be handled by specially authorized staff, in compliance with applicable regulations regarding the protection of personal data, at the operational headquarters of the Institute in Via Ripamonti 435 and Via San Luca 8. Please also note that you can contact the Privacy Manager at the Sanitary Direction of the Institute in Via Ripamonti 435, 20141 Milan, to enforce your rights in relation to the processing of data, as indicated under the Article 7 of the Code. The provision of data is necessary to be able to use the service.


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