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Welcome to the European Institute of Oncology booking service and thank you for your interest in our Institute.

At the IEO it is possible to book specialist visits, diagnostic tests, and other outpatient services.




    Booking Department (CUP),         tel. + 39 02 5748 9001, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 16:00

  •     BY EMAIL

    Send and email to the

    booking service.


  •     IN PERSON

    Come to the Main Admission Desk from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 16:00








  • Access to Medical Consultations and Exams

    National Health System

    Documentation requested 

    • Photo identification

    • Referral from an Italian General Practitioner

    • European Health Insurance Card


    Private System  

    Payment in charge of the patient.


    Documentation requested 

    • Photo identification

    • Referral from a General Practitioner (For diagnostic and laboratory exams)


    Private Practice


    Payment in charge of the patient with the choice of the physician who renders the service.

    At the Main Admission Desk from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 16:00.



    Documentation requested 

    • Photo identification

    • Referral from a General Practitioner (For diagnostic and laboratory exams)

  • Access to Treatment and Surgery

    In-patient medical treatments and surgical procedures performed at IEO are scheduled after a specialist Medical Consultation with an Institute physician.

    All appointment procedures are carried out by the departmental secretaries according to the instructions provided by the IEO specialist in the treatment proposal sheet.


    IEO personnel will provide patients with a detailed guide on hospitalization and the surgical procedure (if applicable) at the time of scheduling and/or admission.


    If the patient decides to pay for the treatment, specialist of the Payment and Insurance Office prepares and delivers an estimate of costs. For patients who have medical insurance or participate in an industry/professional medical fund with an agreement with IEO, the Payment and Insurance Office staff will perform all the paperwork required by the agreement terms.

  • Financial Information

    Estimate cost of Medical Care

    The European Institute of Oncology offers tailored treatments for each patient.

     After an evaluation from one of our physicians you will be recommended a treatment plan and an estimate quotation for your treatment.

    You should consider that your admission and treatment might take more time than expected or that more services should be required.




     Private Patients

    Methods of Payment:

    • Credit Card: Visa and MasterCard.

    • Cash: current Italian rules do not allow cash payments in excess of €2999.00

    • Bank transfer


    Insurance-Sponsored Patients

    The European Institute of Oncology works with many health insurance companies throughout the world. If you have insurance, please check with your insurance company if they work with us or if you can ask for a direct reimbursement from them.



    European Health Insurance Card (S2)

    The S2 (formerly E112) route entitles you to state-funded treatment in another European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland. Treatment will be provided under the same conditions of care and payment as for residents of that country. This could mean you have to pay a percentage of the costs personally. To be issued with an S2 form, you will need to make the request prior to treatment. Your country will decide whether or not to approve your application and will need to be satisfied that:

    • A physician prescribes you should be treated in the other EEA country, and that a full clinical assessment has been carried out to demonstrate that the treatment will meet your specific needs.
    • The costs of sending you abroad for treatment are justified. The health commissioner is responsible for spending money efficiently and fairly, in the interest of all the patients they look after.
    • The treatment is available under the other country’s state health scheme.
    • You are entitled to treatment under the National Health System.



    • Picture identification
    • Referral from an Italian GP
    • European Health Insurance Card



    • Picture identification
    • Confirmation of planned hospitalization
    • S2 Model

    If your country approves your application, you will be issued with an S2 form. You will need to take this form with you.


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