The Whole-Body Diffusion

The Whole-Body Diffusion is an innovative technique of magnetic resonance that allows the study of the whole body without ionizing radiation and without contrast medium.



risonanza whole-body

With this technique we obtain images sensitive to the microscopic diffusion of molecules of which the hyper cellular tissues (for example, malignant tumors) are significantly brighter than the surrounding tissues. The interpretation of Whole-Body Diffusion is based on different a concept to the traditional MRI. In summary; by searching for the injury of three-dimensional reconstructions and panoramas of the entire body; the single lesion is then characterized on detailed axial images.


After years of improvements in MRI by the research group and collaboration with leading research centers in Europe, we were among the first to use the Whole-Body Diffusion in 2009 for patients with high risk of developing hidden metastases. It is also used on a daily basis when the conventional investigations are not conclusive and in all pregnant patients, which cannot be studied with other technology.


The clinical results obtained and the absolute absence of radiation and contrast media has pushed IEO physicians to propose Diffusion Whole-Body to healthy subjects, who desire to undergo a screening examination of the entire body. The exam takes about 35 minutes; is not invasive and presents no risk because it does not expose the patient to any type of ionizing radiation.  
Today, the IEO is moving to buy the most innovative equipment available worldwide for MRI, able to detect tumors as small as 3-4 mm. The new machine will allow us to improve the quality of diagnosis, with more detailed images, increase the comfort of those who undergo the examination and to reduce the execution time. But especially to expand the number of potential users of the healthy population, as it will be mainly devoted to prevention.


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