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The graphical representation of the healthy dish was published by the Harvard Medical School in Boston and it represents a further evolution of the classic food pyramid. With the healthy dish is intended to portray the ideal composition that should have every meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner.

A healthy dish should be composed of half fruits and vegetables.
It prefers fresh, seasonal, varying the possible colors.
The vegetables are not just a side dish, for example, you can munch on fresh vegetable and equipment table, will help to ward off the feeling of hunger, or add it to pasta dishes and seconds to compose recipes colorful, healthy and satiating.
Even the fruit can be an ingredient in sweet and savory recipes, or be added to salads and yogurt.
Cereal grains and derivatives should be present at every meal
I prefer the cereal grain, such as barley, spelled, buckwheat, quinoa, brown rice whereas a medium portion is equivalent to about 80 grams.
Every time you can try to consume both the bread and the pasta grains.
When buying grain products be sure that the first ingredient listed is whole wheat flour.
Variety is also vital sources of protein
Consume fish, especially oily fish, an important source of essential fatty acids, 3 times a week.
Legumes are an excellent source of protein rich in fiber. Join them for a portion of cereal in fresh stews or hot soups, at least 3 times a week.
Other sources of protein to consume each max 2 times a week, may be the white meat, eggs and dairy products (preferably fresh and lean).
Limit your intake of red meat (beef, pork, lamb) and avoid sausages.
Prince seasoning: olive oil
I prefer the use of extra virgin raw.
If you use seed oils, buy those cold-pressed.
Spice your dishes with spices and herbs to add taste and health of your meal.


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