Vision and strategy

Vision To reduce cancer deaths and prevent people getting cancer by linking fundamental and applied research to patients’ care.


Mission. To establish a solid leadership worldwide in cancer research and care.


Aims. To champion a new type of cancer medicine:

  • Personalized: to offer each individual patient personalized medicine, which includes a care plan based on their individual characteristics.
  • Non-invasive: to provide each patient with the least-invasive diagnostic and treatment procedures; to increase sensitivity of diagnosis (early diagnosis) and precision of treatments (localized treatments).
  • People-centered: to provide a health care which respects each patient’s perspective and expectations (in terms of individualvalues, preferences, need of emotional and physical comfort, alleviation of personal anxieties, understanding of his/her illness) and offers community services to improve the quality of patients’ lives; to raise public awareness of current and future research and health issues.


Approach. To adopt an innovative Translational-Research approach, based on Multidisciplinary Programs with the following goals:

  • To place the patients and their needs at the center of specific (for each tumor type) and integrated (prevention, diagnosis, cure and follow-up) care pathways.
  • To integrate fundamental and clinical research.
  • To provide each patient with the most advanced standard and experimental therapies.


Model. To create value on innovation and research in a strictly academic and nonprofit environment.



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