Marco Angelo Colleoni

One of the world's leading experts in the medical treatment of breast cancer


Recently a Podcast by Marco Colleoni, on Proper Timing of adjuvant chemotherapy, was posted on the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Official  Journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology:

 Proper Timing of adjuvant chemoterapy

  • Clinical Activities

    Director of the Division of Medical Senology to lead the area of medical treatment of Breast Cancer at the EIO, creating and conducting a structure for excellence in patient care. The area of Medical Senology is aimed to provide comprehensive care of all the types and phases (preoperative, adjuvant, advanced disease) of breast cancer with active clinical and translational research, integrating outpatient and in-patient areas through a common support. Ten Physicians are currently involved in care and research at the Division of Medical Senology.

    During the past 3 years a significant increase in the number of Patients followed in the Day Hospital (from 2918 in 2011 to 4840 in the first eleven months of 2013) as well as in the out-patient clinic was registered (from 3593 in 2011 to 5209 in the first eleven months of 2013). He is in charge for the care of the patients treated within the in-patient clinic (8 patients per week). He is the Director of the weekly multidisciplinary meeting on early breast cancer where approximately 50-60 patients are discussed every week. During the first 11 months of 2013 he planned the medical adjuvant treatment of 2314 patients. 


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