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The Division has released the update of the Food Composition Database for Epidemiological Studies in Italy  BDA V1-2015! A new graphical interface, new food items and new components! Visit our website and discover all features! Principal Investigator: Patrizia Gnagnarella (



The Tumour Registry was activated in March 2006 to provide global information on the activity of the hospital, to provide background information useful for the design of clinical studies, and to encourage clinicians and researchers to start new projects .By September 2015 data on more than 200,000 tumours were collected.

The Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics is conducting epidemiological research activity on a wide range of topics, focusing on patients with cancer or on patients at increased risk of developing the disease. It has continuously attempted to develop international collaborative research programmes and as a result, the majority of the research activities involve co-operation with scientists from a range of disciplines, both intra-mural and extra-mural.

The Division is involved in the establishment and management of clinical research databases at the hospital and has responsibility upon data quality control.

The Division is running the IEO hospital-based tumour registry. The tumour registry was activated in 2006 and after 7 years of activity, by March 2013, data for 154,099 tumours were retrospectively coded and entered (out of 240,440 individuals presenting for the first time at the IEO over the period 2000-2008). The tumour registry has proven to be a valuable source of data for both epidemiological and clinical research and has been the basis for many research projects.

The Division also provides consultation in a wide range of areas including the statistical design of experiments and clinical trials, including sample size calculations and randomisation schemes, protocol development, database management, analysis of data and interpretation of results, preparation of interim reports and manuscripts. In addition, staff in the Division has developed a strong expertise in the field of statistical modelling and in the conduct of meta-analyses, providing important information to public-health policy makers and clinicians.

  • Research activities

    The Division is maintaining large institutional clinical databases which have been, already in the past, the basis for numerous studies, particularly the IEO Breast Cancer database. During 2013 a major research focus was made on the treatment, outcome and clinical aspects of breast cancer subtypes defined either by their molecular or morphological characteristics. Specific projects focussed on the outcome of very young women with breast cancer and of women who became pregnant after breast cancer. Other research interests in breast cancer during 2013 included the prognosis of breast cancer patients who underwent plastic or reconstructive surgery, investigating for example outcome after immediate breast reconstruction, nipple-sparing mastectomy or fat grafting.


    The Division contributed to the publication in 2013 of results from three major institutional randomised clinical trials: A randomised phase II pre-surgical trial of weekly low-dose tamoxifen versus raloxifene versus placebo in premenopausal women with oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer; a phase-III prevention trial of low-dose tamoxifen in postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy users: the HOT study; and a randomised controlled equivalence trial of Intraoperative radiotherapy versus external radiotherapy for early breast cancer:  the ELIOT trial.


    In summary, the statistical support activity of the Division led to the publication of 33 peer-review clinical research articles in various fields ranging from cancer screening, cancer chemoprevention, cancer treatment, cancer prognosis and cancer outcome. Most of this activity was related to cancer of the breast, lung, head and neck; to gynaecological, digestive or urogenital cancers; as well as haematological neoplasms.


    The Division is also largely involved in epidemiological studies and in collaborative research with other Italian or international institutions: In 2013, in collaboration with the US Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, it published results from a large cohort study of patients with cystic Fibrosis confirming an increased risk of digestive tract cancer, particularly following transplantation. The Division is also part of the PANC4 consortium, which last year published results from large multicenter pooled analyses on the association between a history of allergies or ulcer and pancreatic cancer risk. The division also conducted several meta-analyses and reviews on the association between alcohol drinking and cancers, Vitamin D and overall mortality, use of vitamin supplements and cancer.


    During 2013, the Division pursued its research activity on melanoma, through a varieties of studies ranging from the melanoma aetiology, screening, prevention, treatment and outcome. Specific research topics included: sun-bed use, self-examination, surgical treatment, sentinel node biopsy and whole-body diffusion-weighted imaging.


    Another research area in which the division had a long-standing interest and reputation includes nutrition. In 2013, special research focus was made on the role of vitamin D, including vitamin D supplementation, on cancer and mortality risk. The Division also conducted a large-scale nutritional survey among heavy smokers enrolled in a lung cancer prevention study and reported on the association between nutrient intake, nutrient pattern, red meat consumption and adherence to the Mediterranean diet and lung cancer risk.


    In total, in 2015 (from January to September) the division contributed to 65 articles published on peer-reviewed journals, with an overall impact factor of 255.





    Principal Investigator: Patrizia Gnagnarella (

    The Division is responsible for the Food Composition Database for Epidemiological Studies in Italy, which has become a major instrument for the conduction of National epidemiological nutritional studies. 

    The update of the Food Composition Database for Epidemiological Studies in Italy (BDA) BDA V1-2015 is now available at the website In addition to new a graphical interface, this new version includes 978 food items and updated information for the fruit food groups (fresh, cooked fruit, dried fruit, fruit flours and fruit juices). Additional nutrients/food components are included for this food group, not present in the previous edition: aminoacids, fatty acids (also omega-3), simple sugars, Mg, Cu, Se, Cl, I, Mn, S, Pantotenic acid, Biotin, vitamin B12 and vitamin K. Energy values have been recalculated including the contribution of dietary fiber, according to the EU legislation.
    Visit our website and discover all features!



    Coordinated by Pier Paolo Di Fiore

    Sub-task: Establishment of a task force for biometrics: Patrick Maisonneuve

    This research program is focused on understanding the mechanisms regulating normal and cancer stem cell asymmetric and symmetric division and how this impacts breast cancer prognosis and treatment. The task of the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics is to establish a task-force for biometrics to provide support for the design, analysis and reporting of translational studies on cancer biomarkers.

    The full project is supported by a grant from the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC 5 per 1000).



    Principal Investigator: Sara Gandini

    This research project aims to assess whether vitamin D supplementation could improve prognosis of melanoma. This is an Italian multicentre trial in stage II resected melanoma patients, monitoring changes in 25(OH)D. In short term, we intend to study the biology of VDR and Vitamin D Binding Protein in relation to melanoma prognosis and on vitamin D metabolism, taking into account vitamin D intake. Findings from this study will be of large interest for a wide spectrum of cancers.

    This is a collaborative study carried out in collaboration with the Division of Melanoma and Muscolo-cutaneous Sarcoma and the Division of Prevention and genetics of IEO.

    The project is supported by a grant form the Umberto Veronesi Foundation.


    CoViDMicrobiome: Relationship between microbiota, Vitamin D and colorectal cancer

    Principal Investigator: Sara Gandini

    The principal aim is to compare microbiota profiles in patients with colorectal cancer and healthy subjects. Secondary aims are the comparisons of Vitamin D levels, gut flora and vitamin D genes polymorphisms with cancer stage and proliferation.

    We designed a case-control study to evaluate differences of bacterial composition at baseline by disease status and in association with Vitamin D level. Colorectal cancer patients will be recruited before undergoing surgery. Healthy subjects will be match by age, sex, body mass index and season. Faecal and serum samples will be collected and analysed by real time PCR and competitive immunochemiluminescent assay. Discovery of a microbiota composition, associated with colorectal cancer and modulated by Vitamin D, might allow identification of pathological mechanisms and definition of new preventive strategies.

    The results might be applicable also for other health conditions since microbiota and Vitamin D are involved in several pathophysiological processes.

    This is a collaborative study carried out in collaboration with the Department of experimental Oncology and the Division of Prevention and genetics of IEO.

    The project is supported by a grant form the Umberto Veronesi Foundation.



    Principal Investigator: Sara Raimondi

    The M-SKIP project is an international pooled-analysis investigating the role of the pigmentation gene MC1R on skin cancer development, with a specific focus on melanoma. This collaborative project, leading by the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, involves 31 international researchers, around 8000 melanoma, 3000 non-melanoma skin cancer cases and 15000 healthy subjects. The main goal is to investigate the dependent and independent contribution of MC1R gene on skin carcinogenesis by phenotypic characteristics, taking into account the complex interactions between genetic, phenotypic and environmental factors, like sun exposure. To achieve this goal, appropriate statistical methods to assess for interaction, mediation and population heterogeneity have been investigating and applying. The identification of subjects with a markedly high MC1R-associated skin cancer risk will be of particular importance for assessing targeted preventive strategies in a screening setting.

    The project is supported by a grant from the Italian Association for Cancer Research.




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