Breast Cancer Program





The Breast Cancer Program  is the complete and concrete realization of the multidisciplinary approach to thecare of breast cancer, clinical research in this area with particular attention to innovation and quality of life of patients and their families.

Mission and Vision

Vision. The IEO Breast Program creates in an environment of Italian and European ideal conditions the personalised and customised approach to every patient with breast cancer: the personalization allows to get a treatment with the utmost probability of effectiveness and a positive and constructive relationship between patients and their doctors, conditions in which fear and doubt can be replaced by greater knowledge and strong hope.

Mission. The mission of the Program is to strengthen (empowerment) the users through education and support to facilitate early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, customized for each person suffering from a disease of the breast . With the Breast Program IEO wants to bring together the multidisciplinary excellence in clinical and surgical setting and research, to achieve the maximum effectiveness in the service of patients. A vision that combines clinical research, basic research applied to medicine and all the essential elements of the clinic and surgery can only be obtained with a daily practical cooperation in which the individual specializations can express themselves to their maximum with extensive practical experience, integrated from all points of view. The team of the Breast Program has a collaboration already widely experienced since the early years of the birth and development of the IEO, being the Breast Care the scope and specificity of our Institute. Breast Care is considered a set of skills aimed at the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people affected or potentially affected by breast cancer. Talking about integration among specializations is not surprising and does not constitute a new evidence, if we think that the IEO Breast Care clinical research in the past and at present has always put together numerous Divisions and Units and technical excellence has been obtained thanks to integration. IEO has invented and proved valid the most widely used and effective techniques of surgical care with integration with radiation therapy and pharmacology adopted today in the World . A point of extreme strength in the Breast Program is the multidisciplinary discussion in more than one context for a better approach to patients: not just deciding which therapy is useful in each case after the surgery, but also evaluating preoperatively which cases are amenable to neoadjuvant therapies (very specific ) or trials, pre- and post- surgery. The personalization of prevention and care is the basis to achieve excellence, making the maximum guarantee of safety and health for the general population and for patients. This means to know the current situation and future prospects of research and the everyday reality of clinical and surgical excellence: the Breast Program is continuously updating its staff through active participation to all activities of internal training, diagnosis, prevention and care, sharing experiences for a complete and thorough analysis. The discussion of cases, participation to international conferences, contribution to the work of various Italian and foreign Universities is an integral part of the IEO Breast Program .

  • Components of the Program

    Division of breast radiology

    Division of breast surgery (senology)

    • Division of medical senology 
    • Division of cancer prevention and genetics
    • Division of early drug development for innovative therapies
    • Division of radiotherapy
    • Applied research unit for cognitive and psychological science
    • Division of pathology
    • Department of experimental oncology
    • Administration
    • Division of epidemiology and biostatistics
    • Data management


    Prof. Aron Goldhirsch (Director)

    Dr. Alberto Luini (Co-Director)


    Mrs Denise Bucci

    Dr. Marco Colleoni (Director, Division of medical senology)

    Dr Viviana Galimberti (Director, Unit of Molecular Senology) 

    Prof. Mario Rietjens (Director, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)

    Prof. Paolo Veronesi (Director, Integrated Breast Surgery Unit)


    Dr. Bernardo Bonanni (Director, Division of cancer prevention and genetics)

    Dr. Enrico Cassano (Director, Divisione di Radiologia Senologica)

    Dr. Giuseppe Curigliano (Director, Division of early drug development for innovative therapies)

    Prof. Roberto Orecchia (Director, Division of radiotherapy; Scientific Co-Director)

    Prof. Gabriella Pravettoni (Director, Applied research unit for cognitive and psychological science)

    Prof. Giuseppe Viale (Director, Division of Pathology)


    Dr. Vincenzo Bagnardi, Biostatistician

    Mrs Claudia Sangalli (Data Manager)



  • Patient Care

    • Consultation for prevention
    • Consultation and genetic tests
    • Surgery for DCiS/LCiS
    • Surgery for breast tumors
    1. Breast conservation
    2. Mastectomies
    3. Primary and secondary breast reconstruction


    • Surgery for tumor relapse
    • Surgery for advanced disease, both curative and palliative
    • Adjuvant systemic therapies
    • Primary neoadjuvant systemic therapies
    • Primary and secondary systemic therapies for advanced disease
    • Radiotherapy for primary indications:
    1. in breast conserving surgery: intraoperative radiotherapy and postoperative radiotherapy
    2. post-mastectomy radiotherapy
    3. Re-irradiation
    4. Palliative radiotherapy
  • Research Activities

    The program has identified a number of objectives of innovation for the foreseeable future:


    • Increase the quantity and quality of biological and prognostic of all types of breast cancer before primary treatment (operation, systemic therapy)

    • Also possible to get early information on susceptibility genes.


    This early knowledge of the biological and genetic factors significantly helps to find the best choices of the therapeutic program.



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